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Operation process of rail tamping machine

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What is the operation process of rail tamping machine,Let me introduce you.

1. After the loading truck is aligned, turn on the automatic feeder to load coal, about 20 seconds. The feeder automatically stops and is ready for tamping.

2. Before starting tamping, first open the bumper. Because the bumper is under the tamping cymbal, it is to prevent the tamping hammer from falling off and hurting people in non-working conditions.

3. Manually open the rail tamping machine. The upper tightening flap of the tamping machine opens under the action of hydraulic pressure. The transmission unit drives the eccentric wheel to rotate, and the tamping hammer falls. In the descending process, all rely on gravity. The ascent process is driven by the eccentric wheel tightening the friction plate on the tamping hammer.) The automatic feeder has been adding coal during this process.

4. After the tamping hammer is working for 5 ~ 7 minutes, the coal cake in the coal loading truck is basically in place. At this time, the limit sensor on the top of the tamping machine receives the induction signal of the rising rail tamping hammer, the feeder, tamping The solid machine stops automatically.

5. After all the tamping hammers have stopped, the tightening flaps on the top of rail tamping machine are automatically tightened, and the tamping hammers are driven up by the eccentric wheel. One side of the tamping hammer can be opened during the rise of the tamping hammer, and the tamping hammer will automatically tighten when the tamping hammer is going to fall under the action of gravity.) After all tamping hammers are received, they will stop automatically.

6. Lower the bumper. Tamping is complete.

Operation process of rail tamping machine

Operation process of rail tamping machine